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The Path

Awareness is the first step to action

There is no quick fix, but there is a simple solution for you. 

It is only a path that you need to follow. 

In the beginning this path will be narrow and uneven and maybe a bit steep, but as you go, it levels out and becomes more smoother and wider. Along this path you will be wondering what is going to be around the next corner, you will find yourself in the beginning mostly looking down at your own feet making sure you don’t fall.  
But with every step along this path you will become more aware and more self-assured. The awareness of your surroundings will increase and you will start to open up to everything around you.  
Sometimes you need to turn around and look back at the path you have taken, before you can walk further along the path. As you keep walking you will find some benches along this path, on which you can sit for a while and enjoy the views, contemplating, getting new insights, listening to your intuition and being more aware of your feelings. Then you can walk on along this path with new energy. 
As you continue, the path will widen and the scenery will get more beautiful. 
You will start feeling happiness again, feelings of love and compassion and be more energetic. Some benches you will pass and some you will sit on, it is your own choice, but always be aware of the benches. 

When you come to a cross road you will stand still and find the bench, then you sit to listen to your inner voice to know which way to go. There is no wrong road, only each road is differently paved, but they all will lead you to somewhere unknown. 
As long as you are aware you will see the unknown. 

Kia Ora 

René & Kay 

the path leads to awareness