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Our Retreats

Allow yourself this “ME” time and give yourself this beautiful present which you so rightly deserve. 

The Life Coaching Retreat.
4 or 5 Days Program.

We invite you to our Personal Life Coaching Retreat at Kia Ora Retreats.  
Giving you an opportunity to experience ‘one-on-one’ coaching and the perfect relaxation for body & mind.  
A special program that is all about you and will give you some time away from it all and will leave you relaxed, better knowledge of oneself and new esteem to the daily stress. 
Experience professional coaching with in-depth insights into who you are and why things are the way they are. Discover your dis-balances in life. Take a journey into your own being and create a new mind set to be more balanced in life. 
To be able to give you real personal coaching we have set the maximum amount of people for this coaching retreat to only two participants 

The Life Coaching Retreats are aimed at anyone looking to gain a deeper insight into themselves, while also seeking to relief oneself of the stress of daily life.  A personal coaching’s week, in which you determine what you want to focus on.  A program that will help you overcome your burnout and will give you stress relief.

Do you feel drained or tired all the time? Do you feel that there are issues in your life that you need to address? Are you heading for a Burnout or are you just stressed out, then allow yourself some “ME” time and book yourself this life changing Retreat. You deserve it! 

Program Life Coaching Retreat 5 Days: (click here)

Program Life Coaching Retreat 4 Days: (click here)

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