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PROGRAM: Life Coaching Retreat

4 Days / 3 Nights     Price: €895
Private Double Room ALL INCLUSIVE
Max. 2 Persons per Retreat

Program Life Coaching Retreat
Whether reinventing your personal life or professional careerexpect to dive deep into your interestsyour patterns of behavioryour sources of frustrationand your purpose in the worldYou’ll be expertly guided to use the insights you gain as pointers towards a new path.
Over four days you’ll gradually gain clarity and focus, creating a concrete plan of action for lasting change, whether it is for a lifestyle change, health, relationship or career purposes. 

Kia Ora Retreat uses a coaching framework that cuts through limiting beliefs and helps temper your inner critic and give you better insights into your own life.The program will give you Stress and Burnout reduction and more energy. We’ll let go of negative habits that are no longer serving you and adopt healthy new ones that will lead you on a path to successWhatever aspect of life you choose to focus on (e.g. relationships, health, money, work), we’ll put it into a greater context, painting the bigger picture of your life. 

This Life Coaching Retreat is the beginning of your journeynot the end, so after four daysthough your time in Spain will be over, you’ll just be getting started on the path to your new life. You’ll head home equipped with the tools you need to continue to growexploreand deal with any challenges that come up. 

  • Relaxation of Body & Mind
  • Calm Mind
  • Less Stress
  • More Focus
  • More Awareness
  • Life changing Insights
  • Beter knowledge of One-Self
  • Energized
  • Being Happy
  • 4 days Personal Coaching program focused on your preferences
  • Daily Personal Coaching Sessions
  • Life Balance Assessment
  • Personal Behavior Mapping
  • Stress Relief Program
  • Mindfulness Sessions
  • Daily Yoga Insight Lessons
  • 1x Sunrise Meditation
  • 1x Evening Meditation
  • Awareness Nature Walk in Mountain Valley Reserve
  • Plenty of Relax Time
  • 3x Overnight stay in Luxury bedroom with balcony & sea view Each room has own en-suite Bathroom
  • 3x Healthy Breakfast
  • 3x Home Made Lunch
  • 3x Dinner
  • Free Coffee/Tea/Water

Book your own dates. Oct - June